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Did you get scammed by a transporter? Warn others now!

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Did you get scammed by a Freight Broker? Warn others!

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Illegal Shippers


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This section group is set aside for those transporters that try and fly under the radar and not have proper licensing or insurance. This puts everyone you know and love in danger when they are travelling over the road. Maybe your transporter just took your money and did not do the shipment.

Let others know if there were issues with an illegal transporter and stop the theft.

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Do not use Robert Enfield or Enfield Logistics Group LLC. He files bankruptcy and created new companies all the time. He is a scammer and is under investigation by the FBI for scams and owes back child support for his first family. OMG,Robert Enfield and his family stayed at our RV park and bailed without paying us our monthly rent. The day after he left,the repo guy came by looking for him and he said he has been looking for him for almost 2 years and he has always been one step behind him. Hopefully he will be able to find Robert Enfield and repo his RV,motorcycle and truck.

Robert Enfield opens up freight companies over the web like Enfield Transportation,World Cargo Logistics,and Enfield Services but they are all just a scam. He’s filed for bankruptcy several times and has been arrested for stalking. Maybe if people didn’t get into bed with dead beat dads who scam people out of the back of his trailer they’d be in better shape.

Robert Enfield and Jacqueline Enfield like to scam people. I find lots of stuff online about him.

Robert Enfield
SSN 373-88-xxxx
DL# 800172321
DOB: 11/16/1979
Jacqueline Enfield
SSN 411-45-xxxx
DOB: 9/19/1982
DL#: 801927166

Google Robert Enfield and you’ll discover bankruptcy,an FBI analysis,his wife Jacqueline Enfield has multiple DUI’s and arrested for beating her baby boys,he is s deadbeat dad from his first marriage and runs so he will not pay for child-support,and also many individuals and businesses he cheated out-of cash after which sunk his teeth into damaging them by bombarding them on the web! I hope Robert Enfield gets his due,just like long as he’s out-of individuals to mess around and he crawls back underneath the stone he originated from

And That Iam interested – if he simply moves the To Olive Branch,MS in his truck operating from selections businesses,pissed customers,and child-support – how can his two abused boys evidently hostages in his traveling-scam cell,get any education?

Here are a list of trucking companies scammed by Robert Enfield and Enfield Logistics Group LLC (call them for proof of his scams)

Robert Enfield Scammed Bax Global $3,311.00

Robert Enfield Scammed Central Transport Intl $2,067.00

Robert Enfield Scammed Champion Logistics Group $30,000.00 Call P: 708-562-4200

Robert Enfield Scammed Clutch Cargo International $1,884.00 Call Phone: (708) 562-2800

Robert Enfield Scammed Conquer Industries $14,945.00

Robert Enfield Scammed Incom Container $2100.00 (call at 1-800-377-3331)

Robert Enfield Scammed Landstar Ranger $23,485.00 WOW (Call (800) 347-5623)

Robert Enfield Scammed Matson Navigation Co $15,000 WOW (call 510-628-4000)

Robert Enfield Scammed Oak Harbor Freight $6,077 Call (800) 858 8815 )

Robert Enfield Scammed Old Dominion Freight Line $3,569.00 Call (336) 889-5000

Robert Enfield Scammed YRC $5,961.00 Call 800-610-6500

Robert Enfield Scammed UPS (United Parcel Service / UPS Freight) $3,500.00

Robert Enfield Scammed Globlatranz $3,209.00 Call 800-610-6500

Robert Enfield & Enfield Logistics Group